The 2019 Puppy Bowl Puppies Ranked By Cuteness, Because There Can Only Be One Top Dog


Posted on: February 21, 2019

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an hour ago Animal Planet The Puppy Bowl is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, which means we've lived through 15 whole years of watching puppies hanging out on a miniature football field and accidentally scoring touchdowns by putting dog toys over a line. That's very much worth celebrating! The starting lineup puppies for the 2019 Puppy Bowl have already been announced and, as always, they were all adoptable. I'm sure they're all great dogs, but, certainly, some are cuter than others. How could they not be? This year teams Fluff and Ruff include a Chihuahua-Cocker Spaniel named Ace, who "invented Collar ID"; a Maltese-Yorkie named Melody, who "uses blue suede wee-wee pads"; and a Old English Sheepdog named Will, who "also wants to know if Kiki loves him." In total, there are 36 puppies playing this year, so whether you like big dogs, little dogs, fluffy dogs, or dogs who love to "GTL — Groom, Train, Lay", there's something for everyone. Even if you like dogs that aren't cute, you know? 'Cause some of them must be pretty... meh. That's just the way of the world. Some dogs are cuter than others, so get used to it, pups. For every majestic beautiful canine, there is one that's a little bit rougher (ruffer) around the edges. The Puppy Bowl puppies are all precious, but here's our definitive cuteness ranking: 1. Sierra Animal Planet This American Staffordshire Terrier-Chow Chow mix takes the number one spot on the list. Just look at that face! How could she not! 1. Ace Animal Planet Tied for first place is Ace, the Chihuahua-Cocker Spaniel, who invented Collar ID. Looks and smarts? What more could you want. 1. Clara Animal Planet Also tied for first, we have Clara, this little Corgi from Florida whose celebrity crush is Meghan Barkle. Adorable! 1. Emmitt Animal Planet It's hard to believe, but in first place we also have Emmitt from Team Ruff. He's an Australian Cattle Dog and Boykin Spaniel — who knows what that is, but he's cute! 1. Lola Animal Planet Our next winner is Lola, a nice wrinkly girl Shar Pei. Her fun fact is that she has "an extensive scrunchie collection." Impressive! 1. Gallagher Animal Planet In the number one spot, here we have Gallagher, a Saint Bernard on Team Fluff with a very serious name. 1. Pirate In second place — No? Still first? OK! Here's Pirate, an English Springer Spaniel-McNab mix. 1. Shy Boy Animal Planet Shy Boy is a Lhasa Apso-Minature Poodle, and he's the one who likes to GTL. Very deserving of the number one spot. 1. Brooklyn Animal Planet This Neapolitan Mastiff-American Staffordshire Terrier will be a big dog, but for now, just a good puppy who's tied for number one on this list. 1. Bumble Animal Planet Top dog Bumble is a Lab-Chow Chow, who says you can "swipe right to be my bae." 1. Scotch Animal Planet Moving on down the list, ranking number one is this fluffy guy, Scotch. He's a Chihuahua-Shih Tzu, whose "favorite walker is Johnnie" Well played, Scotch. Well played. 1. Bella Animal Planet Bella is another Chihuahua-Shih Tzu (apparently, taking more after the Chihuahua side than Scotch), and another dog tied for number one. 1. Astro Animal Planet This Lab-Siberian Husky "has a tele-paw-thic gift" and now he can add "number one cutest Puppy Bowl puppy" to his résumé. 1. Foles Animal Planet I mean, really. You guys are going to think this is fixed, but Foles the American Staffordshire Terrier-Akita is also tied for the top spot. 1. Alexander Animal Planet Alexander, the Great Pyrenees (ah, I see what they did there), is a great number one dog. 1. Dawn Dawn the Beagle-Dachshund is so cute! She just has to be in first place! 1. Flora Animal Planet It's unprecdented, but in a (so far) 17-way tie, American Staffordshire Terrier and Boxer mix Flora ranks in first place. 1. Flo Animal Planet I don't know who's cuter, Flora or Flo, the Chihuahua-Maltese? Oh wait, that's right. They're the exact same amount of cute. Way to go, girls! 1. Brady Animal Planet This Chihuahua-Russell Terrier shares a name with five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. And now, he's a champion, too. 1. Hank

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